Acer Palmatum Group: Matsumurae - Red


The unusual leaves have seven to nine lobes, the lobes separated deeply within the leaf base. They radiate laterally and evenly, giving the appearance of fingers extended from a hand. Each lobe is long ovate, with edges which roll down for three quarters of the way, almost forming a tube. The remaining quarter flattens to display the deeply toothed margins. On mature leaves the tips

of the lobes turn down slightly. The stiff short leaf stalks are red. The foliage colour is also an outstanding feature, being a rich deep purple-red. Lasts well into late summer. Even in full sun

the leaves do not burn, but later change to a deep, reddish green and bronze. The fall colour of crimson completes a colourful year. 


Height: 8 metres / Width: 5 metres