Vulkamin Rock Dust

Vulkamin rock dust consists of finely ground phonolite, a silicate rock of volcanic origin which is alkali-rich. Naturally rich in nutrients, trace elements and soluble silicic acids and its mineralogical peculiarity is that it contains zeolites*, which are special hollow part minerals.

Prehistoric rock dust matured over millions of years.resulting in:

Improved natural growth

Healthy soil

Healthy food

Vulkamin prehistoric rock dust is not a "fertiliser" in the traditional sense but a real agent to improve soils. Thanks to the very finely ground elements Vulkamin has large active surfaces
and is thus effective even in small quantities.


•Enriches the soil with nutrients, trace elements and other useful elements in a well balanced  

 proportion – fundamental to healthy balanced plant nutrition.

•Balances "loss of calcium" by its alkaline effect and stabilises the soil at a favourable Ph level -

 an important condition for good availability of nutritients, intact soil life and a good soil structure.

•Rich in soluble silicic acid which is directly absorbable for plants and strengthens their

 resistance to fungal disease and other harmful organisms - the use of chemical synthetic

 fungicides can thus be reduced.

•Activates available reserves of phosphates in the soil by adding silicic acid - large unused

 deposits of phosphates can be better used.

•Increases the quantity of available sodium, which has the same regulating effect as potassium
 in the water balance of plants and activation of enzymes - the quantity of potassium needed by

 plants will thus be reduced and the yield of certain useful plants (such as cabbage, barley) will be  

 increased. Potassium also helps to give grazing animals a healthy diet.

•Dissolves gradually, providing nutrients and trace elements evenly over a long period of time -
 the result is a mild effect and a long-lasting improvement of available nutritive elements in the soil.  

 Erosion is reduced to a minimum.

•Improves conditions for micro-organisms living in the soil, especially for nitrogen-binding bacteria.


Vulkamin prehistoric rock dust can be spread out at any season of the year. The best method is to distribute it just on top of the soil or to mix it in to the upper layer of the soil.