Acer Palmatum Group: Amoenum - Green


Best known for its intense crimson fall colour. Some claim it has the most intense colour of all the maples. It has medium to large seven lobed leaves and is a hardy, sturdy grower. The large leaves don't make the tree coarse-looking, but instead lend an air of orderliness. each lobe is broadly ovate, terminating in a narrow tip. the lobes are divided about halfway to the leaf base. The two small basal lobes cover the leaf stalks. The margins are uniformly toothed. For most the growing season the leaf is a good rich green. The leaves do not burn easily. Fall colouration has been likened to a burning bush. More aptly, it is described as intense crimson. Even at dusk, the colour seems to glow. This cultivar forms a round-topped, small tree.  


Height: 8 metres