Acer Palmatum group: Dwarf - Green


Although its leaves are quite small, they are slightly larger than some of the others in Dwarf Group. Each leaf is five-lobed, with the centre lobe noticeably longer. The deeply divided lobes are ovate-lanceolate, tapering back from the widest point toward the leaf base. The lobes have sharply pointed tips which tend to turn downward, making a slightly hooked form. The margins are toothed. The short leaf stalks are a rich green tinged pink. Early spring leaves are beautiful. The edges are tinged with an orange-red, which is lightly and delicately shaded into the centre of the light green leaf. rich green leaves dominate the summer season. Fall colours are yellow-orange. it is a sturdy vigorous plant.The plant grows densely and forms a roundish bush. 


Height: 1.8 metres