Shigitatsu sawa

Acer Palmatum Group: Amoenum - Variegated


A network of prominently green coloured veins and light yellow to light green interspaces. in the spring and early summer the contrast is obvious. The unique marking is bright and holds well, especially when the plant has protection from the hot sun. In summer, the leaf darkens and the yellowish interspaces become greener, while the network of veins becomes an even darker green, sometimes with reddish main veins. In the fall the leaves change to orange or rich red, which is quite different from other cultivars. Each leaf is inclined to cup slightly upward from the leaf base, while the lobes radiate sharply outward. The leaves have seven to nine lobes, joining about halfway to the leaf base. The lobes are broadly ovate, each one tapering to a long, sharp point. 


Height: 5 metres / Width: 4 metres