Orange Dream

Acer Palmatum Group: Sapindaceae


New leaves emerge a fresh orange, quickly becoming a lemon-yellow with orange-tinged margins and tips. Leaves are less likely to be damaged by cold spells in early spring. the leaves retain their bright yellow colour for much longer, changing slowly to yellow-green, then light green later in the summer, often with a slight reddish edging on the leaves. they become a bright yellow-gold in the fall. the slender shoots are an attractive red to light green, with only faint striations. The medium seven lobes leaves are slightly broader than long and are deeply divided. the ovate lobes, with short, tail like pointed tips, narrow slightly at the lobe junctions. The margins are coarsely toothed. The short, red tinged leaf stalks have swollen bases.  


Height: 2.4 metres / Width: 1.5 metres